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Domestic Conveyancing

We are here to assist you with professionalism and compassion

What we do

Where we act for clients in a sale or purchase


We will prepare your sale contract.




We will deal with queries from the buyer.




We will explain the sale Transfer to you.




We will pay off any loans secured against the property.




We will check the legal ownership of any property you want to acquire.


We will advise you about any new loan to be secured against the property.

Moving House
Country House

We will advise you on any building regulations policies that should be in force.

We will help you obtain insurance if there is any title defect. 

We will complete the purchase for you.




We will file any return to H M Revenue and Customs.




We will update the property ownership details at the Land Registry.




We will advise you about documentation to record any different proportions where the purchase contributions are unequal.




We will arrange to complete your sale and purchase on the same day if you wish. 

For more details on our costs please click here

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