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Wills and Probate

We are here to assist you with professionalism and compassion

What we do

We write Wills for people so their assets are distributed in the way they want.


We advise clients about care home provisions so they do not pay more than the law requires them to do.



We prepare trust documents to ensure assets are held by one party on behalf of another.


We advise clients about Inheritance Tax to minimise their liability.


We prepare Powers of Attorney so that people may choose an Attorney to make decisions of a financial nature either for their convenience or if they are unable to make decisions for themselves.


We prepare Powers of Attorney for health and welfare so people may choose an Attorney to make decisions on their behalf if they lose mental capacity in the future.

Legal Handshake

We make applications to the Court of Protection for appointment of a Deputy to handle the financial affairs of people who cannot appoint an Attorney themselves.


We act as Attorney or Deputy for people who cannot handle their own financial affairs.




We act as Executor of deceased person’s estate and administer their affairs after their death.




We prepare applications to the Probate Court for our clients to be appointed Executor of deceased person’s estates.




We prepare Inheritance Tax forms for H M Revenue and Customs.




We administer estates on behalf of clients, collecting the assets and preparing the estate accounts and making distributions to beneficiaries.




We advise on variation of Wills and Intestacies when clients are better served by a different distribution of the estate, to reduce Inheritance Tax liabilities arising on death.




We prepare the documents necessary to transfer property of a deceased person to a beneficiary.

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